Company Profile

UCHIDA Works is a boutique dyeing company offering a wide range of techniques for small lot productions that require high speed and flexibility.

Company Name:
Uchida Dyeing Works Ltd.
3-5-2 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0001
Apr., 1909
Mitsuharu UCHIDA


Computer Color Matching

UCHIDA developed a unique automated system to quickly mix the dyeing agent for your colors. A sensor analyses your samples and the computer mixes the colors. Within 24h customers can verify the colors with real sample fabrics.

Dyeing Options

Classic Dyeing

Cotton, hemp, rayon, tencel, wool, nylon, polyester, acrylic.

Pigment Dyeing

For fading or vintage look on natural fibers.

Sulfide Dyeing

Used for strong and deep colors with shiny sensation.

Indigo Dyeing

Manual dyeing with synthetic color with multiple repetitions.

Cloth dyeing

Finished product dyeing

Washing Options


Soften the texture by washing it so that it fits comfortably.

High Temp.

For a soft texture and to remove remains of glue.


Partial or full contraction of wool.

Hard Wash

Alkaline wash to give prints a second hand look.

Eco Wash

Enzymes clean and wash the fiber for a soft and luxurious feeling.

Stone Wash

Washing with ceramic balls.

Sand Blast

For vintage look at specific spots like knees of a jeans..

Bleaching Options

Chlorine Bleach

Used for strong discoloration of cotton, hemp, etc.

Hydrogen Bleach

Popular for cotton, hemp, rayon, etc.

Reducing Agent Bleach

Remove dye in order to later dye in different color.

Frost Bleach

Soft bleaching for natural vintage looks.

Powder Bleach

Surface bleaching using a powdered decolorizer.

Chemical Wash

Used on bold colors and more intense than powder bleach.

Laser Bleach

Create patterns by removing color with laser.

Specialty Options

Graduation Dye & Bleach

Uneven Dye & Bleach

Tie Dye & Bleach

Sheet Dye & Bleach

Spray Dye & Bleach

Brush Dye & Bleach

Sponge Dye & Bleach